See how Verato™ helps organizations link records across systems and enterprises using a revolutionary new approach to matching identities, called referential matching.

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Verato updates, matches, and links your customer data like never before. Our cloud-based platform helps you:


Maintain clean identity data across all customer systems


Ensure all new customer data coming into your systems is accurate


Link customer records across systems, within and across enterprises


It all starts with CARBON™ – the most complete and authoritative database of identities in the US.

commercially-available records
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No match?

Over 30% of your customer records in any given system are incorrect – wrong names, old addresses, incorrect birthdays. This means matching one customer record to another across systems can be unsuccessful. To make matters worse, traditional approaches to customer matching, like Master Data Management (MDM) or Data Quality technologies, can only find 60-70% of customer records, assuming they already exist in your systems. Developing a single, enterprise view of your customer is nearly impossible.


Match made, in the most simple, accurate way

  With CARBON™, we can help you achieve up to 98% matching accuracy.

Even if your customer data contains errors, we can still make the match because we store the most up-to-date attributes, in addition to the out-of-date and incorrect ones. We provide you with recommendations to update your customer records and the ability to link them across systems. Developing a single view of your customer is not only possible, but now it is also extremely straightforward.


Quick time-to-value through cloud-based products

Deploy one-at-a-time or as an integrated solution, depending on how fast you want to move.
At a fraction of the cost of MDM and Data Quality technologies.


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