Public Sector

Verato connects disparate and incomplete citizen identity data across systems.

Verato connects disparate and incomplete citizen identity data across systems.

Out-of-date, disconnected and inconsistent citizen identity records make it difficult to link people to government programs to efficiently and effectively deliver benefits and services. Verato grew out of the public sector to accurately link data about people, improve the delivery of benefits and services, protect privacy, and reduce fraud and waste within law enforcement and national security. And the Verato platform is compliant with critical security standards associated with citizen data, international data handling, sensitive and private data, and healthcare-specific data.

Verato offers a trusted cloud-based platform that provides identity enrichment, validation, and linking services to help the public sector better protect and serve.

Law Enforcement and Homeland Security

Law enforcement and homeland security efforts depend on connecting information to the right actor, but this is often complicated by attempts to obfuscate identities for nefarious purposes. Verato provides an extremely accurate and scalable tool for linking identities with their transactions and activities. Verato eliminates costly false positives and false negatives and establishes definitive linkages that other tools or processes cannot detect. These capabilities allow Verato to enable insider threat detection and continuous evaluation of background investigations to protect civil liberties and ensure homeland security.

Benefits and Entitlements

Governments are acquiring data about citizens to optimize benefits like medical care, social security, and housing. But incomplete and inconsistent data associated with beneficiaries’ identities complicates this effort. Verato dramatically increases the efficiency and accuracy of finding and linking data for benefits. Our unique data linking also helps prevent improper or fraudulent entitlements, while upholding the highest standards of privacy protection.