Connecting customer identities across channels and databases to gain a comprehensive single view of the customer.

Verato enables retailers to gain a single view of the customer.

Customers have become more fragmented in the way they evaluate, purchase, and service products. They also demand highly personalized and efficient interactions with your brand—it’s not only about offering the right product for the right price but also about anticipating what unique, enjoyable, and memorable experience they might require across their purchasing journey, whether that is in the store, on a website, or on a mobile application. In order to accomplish this, retailers need to have a complete understanding of behavior across brands, across channels, and over time.

Verato offers an easily implementable cloud-based platform that provides customer data enrichment, validates customer data as it enters systems, and links customer data across systems.

Develop a Single View of the Customer

Verato helps retailers address the two main challenges around developing a single view of the customer: maintaining clean customer systems (i.e. correcting errors and deduplicating records) and integrating those systems to gain a complete view of customer behavior. Verato also helps retailers accurately enrich customer records with third party data to create deeper segmentation strategies and customer insights.

Design Meaningful Digital Strategies

Establishing a digital presence that engages your customers and optimizes customer experience in real-time requires an understanding of how customers interact with your brand across channels. This requires linking online and offline identities. Verato improves match rates across systems so retailers are able to associate in-store transactions with behavior on websites, mobile applications, and social sites.

Optimize Merchandising Strategies

Analytics that drive customer-centric assortments, promotions, pricing, and space plans rely on tying all customer transactions over time to the correct customer. Verato can look through incomplete customer records—some of which might be associated with a loyalty ID and others just an email or telephone number—and link all transactions to the customer. This helps retailers better determine when to sell which items to which customers.

Maximize Marketing Outcomes

Building target, response, test, and control models is critical to developing the right marketing mix. Verato maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns by ensuring that the customer data being analyzed is clean, deduplicated, and properly linked to the outcomes—whether they are visits, referrals, mentions, or sales.