Information Services

The right information about the right person. All the time, every time.

Get more accurate credit and health insurance information

Informed business decisions often require the right information about customers, patients, members, policyholders, and applicants. But information service providers typically deliver incomplete information since the identities they're searching on are incorrect.

Instead, Verato compares information requests on individuals to CARBON™ and matches them to the right identity. Our clients get the full scope of relevant information so they can make optimal decisions on people interacting with their business.


Make better credit decisions with more complete credit reports

Verato generates comprehensive tri-merge credit reports that reflect a complete and accurate picture of a person's credit history. Other credit reporting services can omit as much as half of a person's relevant credit information due to unresolved identity records. Verato sees through inaccuracies in names, birthdates, and other identity attributes and uses truth matching to uncover all relevant information, even under misspellings or outdated maiden names. This allows Verato customers to make better-informed decisions based on a true account of the person's credit behavior.

  • Tri-bureau reports from all three reporting agencies
  • Optimized with CARBON truth matching
  • Sourced by the most cost-effective provider

Health Insurance

Get reimbursements from secondary insurers and recover overpayments

Verato helps uncover other health insurance policies for optimal coordination of benefits to ensure primary insurance carriers don't overpay when secondary insurance exists. Other health insurance often goes unnoticed due to unresolved identities but Verato gives customers a complete account of the person's health insurance by matching against CARBON identities. This improves identification of other health insurance and secondary policies by 40 percent, saving Verato customers millions as they get appropriately reimbursed.

  • Indicates type of coverage
  • Provides name(s) of carriers
  • Adjusts according to requested timeframe