Financial Services

Connecting customer identities across channels over time to measure risk exposure, combat fraud, and deliver superior customer service

Verato enables a single view of banking and investment customers across channels

Banks and brokers looking across engagement channels to identify new product opportunities or detect fraud are faced with poor quality customer data that prevents a single view of the customer. Current matching solutions still cannot see through this incomplete, out-of-date, or duplicate customer data. Verato helps financial institutions gain a complete view of customers across channels so they can effectively engage customers with better digital experiences and prevent fraudulent activity.

Verato offers a cloud-based platform that cleans, validates, and links customer records across systems so banking and investment firms can deliver engaging cross-channel customer experiences and prevent fraud

Integrate Customer Data to Deliver Cross-Channel Offerings

Financial institutions are integrating customer data across an increasing number of channels to create new offerings, but these different channels use different data formats and often contain outdated or inaccurate customer data. Verato helps financial institutions integrate their customer data from every channel and data format so they can track customer activity throughout the entire engagement lifecycle. Verato links customer records together using a revolutionary new matching engine that helps banking and investment firms introduce new cross-channel experiences that maximize customer engagement.

Improve Cyber Fraud Analytics

Customers are engaging with their finances from a wide variety of channels, making it increasingly difficult to link transactions, behavior patterns, and non-banking activity so they can identify and analyze fraud. Verato uses a revolutionary new matching engine to link customer identities across channels, engagement platforms, and systems, enabling banks and brokers to perform deeper and more powerful analytics of customers and their behavior to better identify and respond to fraud.

Verato enables insurance organizations to accurately identify customers and integrate customer data across their institutions

Creating a single view of a customer is critical as service and product delivery models undergo dramatic changes. But it can be a difficult task—data about customers can be locked away inside siloed systems, fragmented by M&A activity, or simply scattered around the enterprise. On top of that, 30% of the identity data contained within customer records is old, inaccurate, mistyped, misspelled, erroneous, or incomplete—and current matching algorithms cannot see through this bad data to identify the same individual across systems.

Verato offers a cloud-based platform that provides real-time customer identification across channels, increases the accuracy of incoming customer data, and links customer data across systems to create a single view of the customer

Perform Real-Time Risk Measurement and Underwriting

As customers engage with new technology platforms, new insurance products and services must respond faster to changes in underlying customer data and better link identities to model risk in real-time. Old approaches relied on historical data and group behavior, but new risk measurement models have much shorter analytical windows that require understanding underwriting factors on specific customers. Verato links customer data across disparate systems so insurance companies gain a complete view of each customer for more accurate risk measurement and modeling. Verato also validates and identifies customers in real-time across platforms and engagement channels to enable real-time risk measurement and response.

Enable Big Data Integration and Predictive Analytics

Big data analytics let insurance companies gain new insights about customer behaviors, communications, and transactions. But varying data sources and data governance standards, as well as poor data quality, cause big data repositories to be disorganized and contain inaccurate or out-of-date customer information. Verato improves customer data quality in big data repositories, deduplicates customer records, and links customer data across repositories—allowing better predictive, statistical, and longitudinal analytics.

Improve Sales and Service

New sales, service, and delivery models require real-time customer identification at the point of engagement that is not available with traditional ETL, MDM, and data quality tools. And if data errors are not identified at the point of entry, they will persist downstream, causing inefficient sales campaigns and forcing costly retroactive data remediation. Verato offers a customer identification and data quality improvement solution that can be deployed within upfront business processes and systems to maximize the use of customer information and to ensure effective service and sales efforts.