Real-time resolution of 50-75% of your potential duplicates

If you already have a master patient index (MPI) or master data management (MDM) solution, Verato AUTO-STEWARD™ can automatically resolve 50-75% of the potential duplicates your solution has flagged for manual review by a data steward. Verato AUTO-STEWARD leverages a completely new approach to matching, called “Referential Matching,” that can automatically resolve data stewardship tasks despite thin or low quality data.

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How it works

Instant match or no-match decisions from the cloud.

Referential Matching makes matches other approaches can't
Superior matching

Referential Matching makes matches other approaches can't

Verato AUTO-STEWARD uses a totally new approach to identity matching called “Referential Matching.” This approach leverages the most comprehensive and authoritative identity database in the country as an “answer key” for any matching decision. By referencing this answer key, Verato AUTO-STEWARD can match identities that have out-of-date, thin, or incorrect demographic data.

Integrate with your current matching processes
Real-time decisions

Integrate with your current matching processes

You can integrate Verato AUTO-STEWARD directly into your existing data stewardship process. Send stewardship tasks directly to Verato AUTO-STEWARD to gain real-time match decisions despite low quality or thin demographic data, and without the manual review. Verato AUTO-STEWARD can provide substantiating data as proof of its matching decisions so you can be confident in its answers.

When to use

You should use Verato AUTO-STEWARD if...

You already have an MPI or MDM

Verato AUTO-STEWARD is the perfect way to turbocharge the matching performance of a current MPI or MDM and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

You have a backlog of data stewardship tasks

If you have a backlog of stewardship tasks awaiting manual resolution, Verato AUTO-STEWARD can rapidly work through it, resolving 50-75% of your backlog automatically.

You are merging or acquiring IT systems

Acquisitions or mergers of IT systems lead to an influx of new identities, which in turn leads to an enormous backlog of data stewardship tasks. Verato AUTO-STEWARD can manage and resolve 50-75% of that backlog.

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Watch this interview to hear about the success of AUTO-STEWARD at a health information exchange in San Diego.

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