Gain a 360-degree view of your customers

Verato LINK™ is a cloud-based identity resolution and matching service that enables enterprises to assemble a single view of their customers across transactional, customer relationship management (CRM), and loyalty systems. Verato LINK leverages an entirely new approach to identity matching, called “Referential Matching,” to resolve and match identities that conventional master data management (MDM) technologies can never match with even the best algorithmic approaches. And because Verato LINK is cloud-based, it is faster to implement and more cost-effective than conventional MDMs.


How it works

Quick to deploy. Integrates with any IT system.

Quick to deploy. Integrates with any IT system.

Verato LINK is cloud-based, so there is no software to install, configure, deploy, and support. It provides quick time-to-value for business and technical teams that need to link customer records across enterprise IT systems.

A totally new approach to identity matching.
Superior matching

A totally new approach to identity matching.

Verato LINK uses a totally new approach to identity matching called “Referential Matching.” This approach leverages the most comprehensive and authoritative identity database in the country as an “answer key” for any matching decision. By referencing this answer key, Verato LINK can match identities that have incorrect, incomplete, or out-of-date demographic data, achieving up to 98% match rates without any algorithm tuning necessary.

How it stacks up

The new best-in-class identity resolution and matching solution.


Cloud-based, so fully implemented in weeks—not months or years. And it integrates with any IT system.


Gain 98% match rates without any algorithm tuning necessary. And resolve up to 75% of duplicates missed by conventional algorithmic approaches.


Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other MDM technologies. And, since more matches are made, data governance and stewardship efforts are all but eliminated.

Use cases

Gain a single view of your customers

Link customer records across your enterprise systems

Companies capture customer data across many different business departments—Loyalty, CRM, Sales, Web, Digital—and then use this data to drive robust customer segmentation and analytics. Verato LINK matches customer records across these systems, so companies can gain a complete picture of customers’ behavior to better personalize promotions, offerings, and experiences.

De-duplicate customer profiles

Eliminate multiple profiles associated with the same customer

Customer systems accumulate duplicate profiles over time which degrade the data quality of these systems. Verato LINK will identify multiple accounts that belong to a single customer to help improve the integrity of customer analytics and to prevent fraud.

Identify new customer profiles

Create profiles for new and existing customers based on their identity information

Even if organizations have a loyalty program, all of their customers might not participate. In those instances, and for those companies that do not have loyalty programs in place, Verato LINK can help identify customers so organizations can generate a profile for them that they can maintain on a go-forward basis.